Counseling Process

Groups & Classes



Rates, Insurance & Payments



Activities Requiring Payment:
  1. Individual and Family Counseling
  2. Mental Health and all Professional Reports
  3. Case Management Services
  4. Consulting Services

Please email so we can arrange a time to discuss the complexities and realities regarding payment.

Health Insurance

Mr. Silverman is a provider for some health insurance plans. Please email to arrange a time to discuss this. Also, please understand, being a provider for a health insurance company does not make Mr. Silverman an employee of any health insurance company. He has no influence regarding whether a health insurance company pays, partially pays, or refuses to pay a claim. You are responsible for all payments, copays and deductibles as designated by your health insurance company. All copays and deductibles will be expected at the time of service or before. There are a variety of ways to take care of such payments.

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